Personal Support Services

Who will care when I’m not there?

Proxy Parent Foundation steps into the family’s role, either now or in the future, to provide family-like Personal Support Services for its trust beneficiaries with mental illness and other brain disorders. Proxy Parent Foundation answers the family’s question, “Who will care when I’m not there?”

Just as a family would, Proxy Parent Foundation may provide help in finding and moving to suitable housing; medication education; obtaining and maintaining health care; homeless and criminal justice outreach; helping the individual while they are in the hospital or in need of hospitalization; life skills tutoring; help in obtaining meaningful work or education; and social activities, visits, friendship, shopping and entertainment. Proxy Parent Foundation bridges the gaps between the mental health system and the need of the individual.

Proxy Parent Foundation can provide its Personal Support Services in the “here and now” so a trusting, continuous relationship can be established. Once you have become an enrolled member of Proxy Parent Foundation, Proxy Parent Foundation will plan with the family as to how to successfully engage your relative with a Personal Support Specialist under our “Pay-As-You-Go” plan. Please contact us for more information at 888.574.1258 or

Personal Support Services