Proxy Parent Foundation was formed in 1991 as a unique entity by members of NAMI-California and the Los Angeles Mental Health Association to provide family-like Personal Support Services to people with mental illness and other brain disorders and act as the “trust protector” for its family-generated “stand-alone” third party Special Needs Trust.

Today, thanks to the involvement of legal, medical, social sector and financial volunteer Board Members, we have expanded Proxy Parent Foundation’s capabilities. Proxy Parent Foundation is the trustee of the PLAN of California Master Pooled Trust, which is open to any disability type, and can accommodate either first “self-settled” or third party “family-generated” special needs trusts.

Our Personal Support Services for people with mental illness and other brain disorders have expanded throughout California. Proxy Parent Foundation provides services more efficiently and cost effectively than can be provided independently while assuring that disabled people can experience an enhanced quality of life.

Proxy Parent Foundation, a dba Planned Lifetime Assistance Network (PLAN) of California, is a perfect example of marrying the expertise of the business world with the altruism of the nonprofit world.

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